Your accommodation

* Choose the comfort of your accommodations
* According to your wish & your budget


  • We only work with reliable hotels & family-run BB.
  • All of them are hand-picked, visited by our team: on a strict criteria of COMFORT, HOSPITALITY, and AUTHENTICITY in order to offer you the best experience ever.
  • Rooms have a PRIVATE bathroom. By default, you will be in a double room . You can request a single room (with supplement). 
  • For your comfort, please contact us before booking any stay if there is a need of a handicap-access


  • At Provence Reservation, we like our clients to enjoy the BB & charming guest house EXPERIENCE.
  • The owners welcome you in their own home, with a maximum of 5 to 6 rooms. Some propose delicious “table d’hote dinner”. 
  • It is indeed an AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE of the local and traditional hospitality !

The accommodation rating  

  • SIMPLE ** :  with all the necessities. Can be rustic, mostly when located on remoted areas.

  • COMFORT *** : accommodation of standard comfort, usually family-run

  • CHARME **** : our selection of charming hotels of great character

  • PRESTIGE ***** : lavish places, great character, deluxe on some trips.