Gordes is a living fossil that the time can't break, the humanity started to live here since more than five thousand years, and then crossing the centuries of a ruthless history; wars, stravation, epidemics and earthquake for finally get bombed during the second world war. Today this village went out from these storms with a unique authenticity and a beauty unparalleled, listed as one of the most beautiful village of France and it's also one of the most visited in Provence. From the village, in the south, there is an ocean of vineyard with many cypress, it looks like the Tuscany but with a difference; because according the seasons, the lavender fields, the sunflower fields and the red poppies fields are coming for give their colors to the panoramas. In the North, there is the Vaucluse's mountains and their wild nature, the forests hide many secrets, especially the old abbey of Senanque surrounded by the lavander fields, build during the twelfth century by the Cistercian monks and still occupied today. In Provence, Gordes is the capital of the « Bories »; this lovely houses made with dry limestone and build with a ancestral knowledge, we can find these houses all over the village but the most majestics are in the Est of Gordes.