The Sainte Victoire mountain

“La Sainte Victoire” can be seen from many miles and wherever from we arrive. It imposes to the visitor his compact mass, appearing from the countryside of Aix-en-Provence like a lost ship. His north slope is covered by wood and scrubland until the summit while the south slope raise a mineral barrier on the Arc river valley where extends vineyards and olives groves. From that fields are produced wines, among the best rosés of Provence thanks to PDO “Côtes de Provence Sainte Victoire”, and excellent quality olive oil. This massif inspires painters since centuries but it is the Paul Cézanne’s genius, native from Aix-en-Provence, which made enter this mountain in the greatest museums in the world. The “Sainte Victoire” mountain is classified as “Grand site de France” (Great French Site) since year 2000, and whether it is for sports, cultural or gastronomic reasons, you will be pleased by that mountain.