It's during the stories of the centuries that Bonnieux extended himself along his hill; during the wartimes peoples were living on the top, during the peacetimes they came down next to the valley, this is how this place was modeled, generations after generations, for become totay one of the biggest picturesque symbol of the Luberon.

Crossing this village it's crossing the ages, we can begin this travel from the top or from the bottom.

At the foot of Bonnieux stands a church from the nineteenth century, but it's around this place that, twenty one centuries ago, the Roman civilization raised their firsts « Villas ».

Then slowly we can ascend the village as if we were ascending the history, many secret alleys invite us to continue our jaunt inside a background full of an old soul.

The heart of the whole story is in the top, next to the oldest church of the twelfth century, this place was occupied by the Gallic civilization a long time before the Romain colonization.

From here the origin of the village's name makes sense as our eyes get lost in the view, because the name of Bonnieux come from Bonilis, it mean good eyes.

Bonnieux offers us one of the best panoramas of the region; from the sky we can see all of the Luberon's valley... it's a scenery who let a brand in the spirit of each visitors.