The Luberon is a country full of beauty and history, the village of Lourmarin is one of its main entrance where the travellers stopped themself during the twelfth century. It's good to keep this tradition today, even though we get the risk to never come back, because this place, listed as one of the most beautiful village of France, seems come from a picture. The story of this place start during the antiquity and has cross the ages for give us today one of this typical image of Provence that Peter Mayle is loving so much; across the village's streets it looks like the time stopped, during the summer people are lazy on the terrace of the cafes, enjoying the eternal blue of the sky. The Lourmarin's castle add a touch of the Renaissance's estheticism to this painting, today the local superstition believes that this castle have some magic powers... but to believe or not to believe, everybody is agree with this fact: this castle have one of the best panorama; we can see the village with its field of olive trees, its cypress and vineyard. For each of us, Lourmarin may introduce or conclude many things about the symbolic image of Provence.