The Pont du Gard is one of the main monument in Provence, inscribed on the UNESCO heritage in 1985. It’s a remain of the very impressive aqueduct built on the Ist century AD, that linked the Eure’s spring (next to Uzes) to Nemaussus (current Nîmes). Based on the De Architectura from Vitruve, this work is about 50 km long with one of the smallest drop known 24cm a kilometer. Even if the Pont du Gard is just a piece of 200 meters, is the most majestic part of it. It’s 50 meters tall, and 3 arches nivels make it cross the Gardon river. Above the last nivel takes place the channel where used to pass the water, there is still a part covered with slabs. This technical masterpiece, old from 2 000 years, is set in a characteristically natural site: limestone rocks, green oaks, olive trees,…. One of the most visited site in France, it has been first done as a practical work and not as a monument.