When is lavender in season : best period to visit Provence and lavender field

No matter when you want to come, Provence always has something to offer you.
However, we can state specifics period:

  • Spring and its buds
  • Summer and its lavenders
  • End of autumn and its quietness

So spring, that we place between April and June, see spring up a rich and diversify nature. After the (moderate) cold of winter, trees and shrubs come into blooms and leafs of dazzling colors.
You will be filled with wonder but also with smells because the fragrances are often strong and pleasant. And later, your palate will be amazed, because besides springing up blooms, our trees offer a large variety of juicy or dried fruits.
This, one after the other, plum and cherry trees will filed past which will be a real treat for bees... that will give us a very delicacy and good quality honey.

Provence change it appearance for the summer tourists. Long and sunny days, an intense blue sky and a Mediterranean heat.
The mistral, a Provençal wind coming from the Rhone Valley, will bring the coolness you need during your excursions.
Sunflowers and lavenders are blossoming
, grapevines are smoothly ready to offer us its bays gorged with sun, then will give wine of great complexity.
How good is the life in Provence ! The summer, when markets propose an infinitely choice of locals products, than we taste and discover over a walk along the stalls. A drink with friends under the protection of an olive tree, a picnic with your family at a lake's or river's edge. Heat of this season doesn't disturb coolness and assure, above all, gentle nights punctuated by many concerts and others events organised by our lovely region.

Those who prefer waiting for autumn to visit the first region of France will not be disappointed.
Provence is still giving longs and beautiful days, temperature stay nice day and night,what afford you to enjoy a glass of wine in one of the numerous tables outside a cafes of our cities or villages.
Furthermore, inhabitants finished their holidays and children came back in one's schooldays. There are therefore less people onto the road and in the main tourist sites, what will most probably rekindle people looking for calm and tranquillity.